The Ritchey–Chrétien Telescope design is used in some the most of the famous telescopes like Hubble, SLOAN Digital Sky Survey, and LORRI on board the New Horizons spacecraft. RC Telescopes only use hyperbolic mirrors to eliminate optical errors like coma and chromatic aberrations off-axis while producing the flattest focal plane possible without lenses. Since they only use two reflective surfaces, Ritchey–Chrétiens are also very efficient with light compared to most other telescope systems that use 4, 6, or event more surfaces that will reduce the amount of light hitting the focal plane. The lack of refractive lens elements allows this telescope design to detect wavelengths broader the visual spectrum making them very useful for measurements in the ultraviolet (UV), near infrared (NIR), and infrared (IR) wavelengths. 


Ritchey-Chretien    Telescopes

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